The ask:

To differentiate Trunk Club Women in the saturated market of women's clothing subscription box services. 

The research:

We performed primary and secondary research to determine our target, their values and the emotion behind the shopping experience. We held interviews with current and potential customers, and current Trunk Club stylists. We also looked at online databases for additional information and performed a competitive analysis to determine what was lacking in women's clothing subscription box services (more details in deck).

The findings:

We found that these services are becoming increasingly more popular because they address the inconvenient and disappointing aspects of traditional shopping by providing home delivery and customization in size, price, and style. We also found a lack in differentiation among service attributes in this market; all of the top competitors focused solely on comfort and convenience. 

Findings & insight:

Trunk Club’s core customers are fashion savvy, but they prioritize spending money on experiences over goods and they love to use fashion as a way to elevate those experiences.

The solution:

Changing customers' perception of Trunk Club Women from a service that only delivers goods to a service that delivers experiences (and great outfits). To do this, we suggested TCW should transition from an emphasis solely on providing comfort and convenience, to an emphasis on providing personalized service and a sense of community. In our research, we found that subscription box services are often impersonal and the client/stylist relationship is seldom at the forefront. We wanted to change that and foster this relationship from the beginning of the process.In order to do that, we created the option to choose your stylist (an option not currently available). The customer will be able to choose stylists based on their interests, hobbies and fashion taste, instead of having one randomly assigned to them. In order to promote a sense of friendship, we suggested the service to start with an optional video call or coffee meet-up instead of the standard phone call introduction.

In addition, to give the stylist a better sense of the customer, the clients will have the option to link their social accounts to their Trunk Club Women profile, including Nordstrom past purchases (Nordstrom owns TCW). After establishing a relationship, the stylist will be better able to craft a custom box and will then send it with a personalized letter welcoming the client to the club. We wanted to use “join the club” as a call for action and to emphasize the importance of community within the service. After the customer receives the box, they will be encouraged to share their TCW outfit on Instagram as the official TCW account will then feature one lucky club member a week for followers to like the picture and buy the merchandise (the picture is shoppable!). Furthermore, in order to continue the client/stylist relationship, customers will have the option to share their google calendars, so stylists can stay on top of their busy schedule and have curated boxes ready for their special events. Lastly, Trunk Club Women members will have access to exclusive afterhour events hosted at Nordstrom stores, allowing customers to meet the rest of the community and to invite a plus one who is interested in joining the service. 

Team members: Meredith Makhoul (Strategy), Rachel Street (Creative Brand Management), Caitlin Russell (Strategy) and Lucy Mungo (Strategy).