My role:

My role in this project focused heavily on collecting and analyzing research. I helped create the survey we sent out to parents and held one on one interviews with parents and teachers. I also looked through many sources for our secondary research to find the market size, customer preferences and psychological studies regarding children's books. This assignment was truly a group effort and each team member helped throughout the process, including naming the characters, choosing their outfits, their personalities and the morals they would teach. We wanted to develop a format that was a bit different from the traditional book and our one on one interviews revealed that placemats would be the perfect medium to display our story.  We also strategically chose to use human children versus animals (which are often used in children's books) because I found a study of over 100 children aged 4-6 which showed that children are more likely to learn a moral from a story featuring children their age versus one with animals as the main characters.