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The ask: 

To develop a brand refresh for Listerine.

The research:

Primary: for our primary research, we sent out a survey and held interviews to find out consumer attitudes towards mouthwash and what they considered a healthy lifestyle. 

Secondary: for our secondary research, we looked at the market share distribution, Listerine’s performance in the last five years and consumer trends and preferences in the category. 

Findings & insights:

We found that Listerine was the market leader, but its revenue and market share had steadily decreased in the past five years. We also noticed a trend in consumers displaying apathy in the category.  Americans are not giving oral care the same priority as other health categories, so much so that 68% of Americans say they are not visiting the dentist regularly and 50% of U.S. adults have periodontal disease.  In contrast to current wellness trends, oral care is being neglected. This is a huge mistake as the mouth is the body’s most common entry point for infection and failing to protect it leaves the body vulnerable.

The solution:

Considering that brushing and flossing can only clean 25% of the mouth, mouthwash is a necessity in people’s daily routine. As the category leader and the most researched mouthwash in history, Listerine is the most apt brand to fill this gap .

The strategy:

Listerine is the missing link to achieving your full wellness potential. This strategy line led to our campaign and tag line “healthy mouth, healthy you,” using humor to showcase the importance of dental health while aligning the brand with other health and wellness categories. 

Creative executions:

Some of the creative executions included:

  • Listerine Mouth Meditations in Spotify

  • Print-ads/ Billboards shifting the conversation to wellness

  • Listerine Meal Prep Packets at GNC to encourage routine use

  • My FitnessPal extension focusing on dental care

  • A social media campaign featuring a mouth trainer

  • Influencer marketing through sponsored gifts and competitions

Team members: Evanne Allen (Strategist), Mykala Daniel (Strategist), Kristen deBarros (Art Director), Sean Johnson (Copy Writer), Gloryah Allen (Experience Designer)